Dizzy Symptoms

If you are worried about Dizziness, vertigo, the room spinning or a woozy head, Total Care Physio in South Norfolk offers treatment for these conditions. People describe the feeling of being unsteady or a loss of balance.

The inner ear (vestibular system) is responsible for many of these symptoms including vestibular neuritis, labyrinthetis, motor sensitivity, vestibular migraines, visual vertigo and Mal de Debarquement.  These conditions are often very treatable using vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) which is available at Total Care Physio, South Norfolk – Call 01508 548535.  The symptoms are often caused by a mismatch of information between what your eyes are seeing and what the inner ear is telling you.  We aim to diagnose and together formulate a treatment plan to carry out under our guidance until you have reached your goal.  The purpose of VRT is to improve and promote your brains ability to compensate for the inner ear defects.

Some people have a condition where they experience short episodes of intense dizziness (vertigo) when moving their head in certain directions.  This is called Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and is caused by tiny solid fragments (called otoconia) moving about in the wrong part of your inner ear.  Treatment for this involves an Epley maneuver to reposition the otoconia which can be carried out at our South Norfolk Clinic.


Loss of Balance


Balance is maintained by three systems within each of us, our eyes tell us where we are in space, our movement sensors (or proproception) informs our muscles and joints where they are and what they are doing and the vestibular system (inner ear) gives us information as to how our head is moving.  A problem or weakness in any one of these areas can cause a lack of balance and control in standing and can often lead to falls.  At Total Care Physio we are able to detect which system is affected and teach you exercises to improve. For treatment of dizziness and loss of balance please contact Sarah.