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Lower back pain and backache relief


Low back and neck pain are common problems that affects most of us at some point in our lives. Treatment by Total Care Physio in Norwich and south Norfolk can help alleviate the symptoms.

Because the lower back (lumbar spine) consists of bones, muscles, nerves, discs, ligaments and joints, your symptoms can vary from a sudden sharp twinge to a nagging constant ache or burning pain.  Symptoms can be felt anywhere along your spine and even into your groin or down your legs.   You may even experience pins and needles or numbness.

We understand how distressing these symptoms can be, but their severity for most people does not represent a serious medical condition.  At Total Care Physio we aim to explain the cause of your symptoms to help you move forward towards better control and a healthier spine.  We believe that not only is it important to treat and relieve your symptoms but also to educate you on long term back management.  We can advise on; back care, what and how much physical activity you should do, manual handling, work station and posture improvements.

Due to the complex structures involved within your spine, treatment can vary depending on the cause.  Our detailed assessment will enable us to identify which structures need treating and which course of treatment is the correct one for you.


Neck pain diagnosis and treatment 


Neck pain is again a common condition, especially with our lifestyles leading more and more to a flexed posture looking at computer screens and scrolling smart phones.  The neck (cervical spine) can become stiff and tight due to our lifestyles leading to pain and discomfort.  Problems within your neck can also lead to shoulder and arm pain and pins and needles in your hands.  At Total Care Physio we can assess your condition and provide you with a clear explanation as to why you have your symptoms and what we can do together to restore your normal movements and reduce future pain.


Headache and Migraine treatment by physiotherapy



Headaches can be very overpowering, especially if you suffer on a regular basis.  Headaches can come from the upper part of your neck and are known as cervicogenic headaches.  These can be successfully treated by the physiotherapists at Total Care Physio.


Migraines can also respond well to physiotherapy.  If you suffer from migraines and have dizziness (which does not have to be at the same time as the migraine) then you may be suffering with vestibular migraines and you should contact Sarah


Thoracic pain


The thoracic spine is the bit in-between your neck and lower back.  It is worth a mention as this on its own can cause pain.  It is an area that tends to stiffen, especially if we spend lots of time with our arms in front of our bodies, it can contribute to neck and arm pains.  Your rib cage is connected to your thoracic spine and if these joints are inflamed or stiff you may experience problems when taking a deep breath, either at the back or front of your chest.  These are all things Total Care Physio enjoys treating with good results.

For Low Back and Neck Pain relief with our expert physiotherapists in Norwich and South Norfolk, arrange an appointment today.