Senior woman with Muscle and Joint problems


Muscle and Joint problems

Muscle and Joint problems often go hand in hand.  They can happen to young and old, whether active or not.  Muscle pain can involve ligaments, tendons and fascia (the soft tissue that connects muscles, bones and organs).  Muscle and joint problems are frequently linked with tension, overuse, muscle injury from exercise or physically demanding or repetitive work.  You may experience morning stiffness, fatigue, a tender aching, sore throb, burning or a gnawing sensation.  It is common to have more than one muscle involved.  Muscles can go into spasm, tightening and shortening causing a reduction in movement of the associated joints causing you to experience stiffness.

Muscles can be weak and unable to effectively control the associated joints causing inflammation, pain and  dysfunction of those joints involved.  Rest is not always the answer, a full assessment from Total Care Physio can diagnose and formulate a treatment and rehabilitation plan to get the best from your body.


Knee pain and Hip pain

Knee pain and hip pain are common joint problems.  Joint pain can be caused by many types of injuries or conditions and are often associated with osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid-arthritis, bursitis and muscle pain.  The knee joint is vulnerable to pain as this joint takes the full weight of your body.  You may experience pain walking up or down stairs, a stiff joint when you stand, or a feeling of your knee being unstable.

Hips can cause pain in your groin, around your side and bottom or down your leg.  This may be aggravated, for example, by hip movements, getting in and out of a car or laying on your side.  A full comprehensive assessment at Total Care Physio, which may include your back movements and foot position, can get to the cause of your problem to carry out effective treatment and exercise programme to ease your symptoms or advise you if further investigations are necessary.

If you suffer from any type of Muscle and Joint problems, Knee pain or Hip pain, don’t delay, contact us today.