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Low back pain in children

An alarmingly 80% of adults will have back problems at some point in their lives. However, in the past this was unheard of in children. Times are now changing, and it is actually common in children too, although to a lesser degree. The rate of...

A Personal Experience of BPPV

People often don’t want to talk about their experiences of being ill and needing physiotherapy. So, for Balance Awareness Week I thought I would open up to my own experiences of having a vestibular condition. The first episode About ten years ago in the early hours of...

Total Care Physio Are Now Using Tropic Products

As a company, Total Care Physio always aim to use the best products to compliment their treatments.  Having decided to use their acupuncture skills to enhance peoples beauty (facial rejuvenation acupuncture) they wanted a face cream to compliment this.  Research led...

Is your gym program still effective for your current needs?

Is your gym program still effective for your current needs? Lots of people do the same workout, same exercises, same weights, in the same order, day in and out. However is this a good thing?  Throughout our lives our body changes and therefore so should our exercise...

Staying on the road: avoiding running and sports injuries

Staying on the road: Avoiding running & sports injuries   From minor irritations to major debilitating events, running injuries are one of the most common reasons why people visit a physiotherapist. In many cases, the damage can be self-inflicted either by...

New Cosmetic Acupuncture to younger healthier looking skin

  Cosmetic acupuncture treatment  One of the oldest treatments known to man (and women of course), acupuncture has been used by Chinese healers for over 1,000 years. Although most people are familiar with acupuncture as a treatment for pain, inflammation and...

Why pay for physio instead of waiting for it on the NHS?

If there’s one thing all Brits are proud of, it’s the NHS. Providing high-quality healthcare to people regardless of their wealth or their income, the National Health Service has helped millions of us stay healthy and get back on our feet following an illness....

Lost Your New Year Motivation Mojo?

3 top tips to rejuvenate your exercise regime A new exercise regime can energise and excite least for a little while. But what happens when you lose your mojo? At Total Care Physio, we know only too well how staying motivated is probably your biggest battle...

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